Dead Wooding

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Dead Wooding is needed when branches die off for a number of reasons ranging from light deficiency, pests and disease damage to root damage. A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem causing it to fall off. This is normally a slow process but can be quickened by high winds and extremes of temperature. Therefore the main reason Dead Wooding is carried out is safety.

Situations that usually demand Dead Wooding would normally be trees that overhang public roads, houses, public areas and gardens. Usually, trees adjacent to the footpaths and access roads are considered for Dead Wooding. Another reason for Dead Wooding is when a tree’s crown looks more aesthetically pleasing with the deadwood removed. The physical practice of Dead Wooding can be carried out most of the year although preferably not when the tree is coming into leaf. The Dead Wooding process will help remove unwanted weight; wind resistance the tree carries and can help the overall balance.Contact Us | C&M Tree Solutions - a leading UK Tree Surgery Company for Tree Surgery

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